Welcome to Quasar IT Solutions

From being a regular hosting provider to your one stop solutions provider for all your hosting needs: thats what Quasar is. Powered by a DDoS resistant network and FreeBSD servers, Quasar is definitely a provider with a difference.

Quasar can take care of all your hosting needs whether they be UNIX shells, IRCd shells, IRC servers, Eggdrop, PsyBNC, BNC shells, SHOUTcast shells, Web hosting, Web hosting for resale, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers or Game servers. Quasar has them all. With 24/7 customer support you will never feel stranded in your time of need.

Our network is connected directly to AboveNet's fiber-optic IP network via several 100 Mbps fast ethernet links. AboveNet utilizes OC-192 down to OC-3 technology with over 300 peering arrangements to ensure that our IP traffic finds the best path to its destination on the internet. Our servers run the latest FreeBSD operating system, the most stable of the UNIX variants, and utilize the latest Intel processors.

There are no hidden costs here at Quasar. We have a price to fit everyone's budget.

We understand your advanced needs, and soon we are coming up with a TeamSpeak® Game Hosting Solution. Should you need anything specific, please feel free to contact us at technology[at]quasaritsol.com.

International Servers Located in:   United States seedbox Germany VPS Canada VPS Netherlands VPS Romania VPS Bulgaria

Windows VPS

VPS hosting - also known as VDS hosting - is a "virtual private server" (or a "virtual dedicated server"), a form of web hosting based on the concept of partitions on mainframes and advanced resource scheduling to divide one computer into many virtually isolated, private servers.

Bronze Pack

Guranteed RAM : 512MB

Burstable RAM : 1024MB

HDD Space : 30GB

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Linux VPS

There are many benefits to buying hosting on Virtual Private Servers from Quasar:
1) Root access - you get all of the administrator priviliges
2) No limits on the amount of sites, domains, users, etc.
3) Our reliable ISPmanager control panel

Basic Pack

Guranteed RAM : 512MB

Burstable RAM : 1024MB

HDD Space : 50GB

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Web Hosting

Probably no other affordable shared web hosting can beat our prices and offers. Today, better world wide web presence has become almost mandatory for businesses and individuals alike. We provide easy control panel for managing your services.
1) All our servers are running litespeed webserver for optimum speed and stability.
2) Onsite and Offsite R1soft backups when you need them.
3) High-end servers.
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Dedicated Hosting

Quasar specializes in Denial-of-Service mitigation with DDoS protection enabled under the feature list of our Dedicated Server Hosting. All content is permitted on our Dedicated Server network - if DMCA questions arrise, they will be forwarded to the customer.

NOTE - We aim to deliver our servers within 1 to 72 hours, but please keep in mind that due to hardware availability and demand on our Dedicated Hosting services, some delivery delays are possible.

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"I am very satisfied with the level of customer service and support provided by Quasar. The staff is very courteous and polite, and always assists me in a timely manner.I will definitley recommend this service to my friends." - Mohd Afzal, UAE

"I just wanted give a quick thank you for the service! After switching hosting providers several times in the past year, Quasar has provided me with the best services. From their friendly support team to their reliable servers, there is nothing I can ask for more. Keep up the good work!" - Rodney Harris, UK

Why choose us?

With Quasar, your statisfaction is guaranteed. Our network is DDoS resistant and we have experienced staff available 24/7 to help you with any aspect of our service.

We offer budget IRC and webhosting with no setup fees or hidden costs with multiple payment options available. We include 99.9% uptime in our SLA.